One Trial – Four Languages

Ways to help

History scattered these people to the winds, so we need help in lots of places and in lots of ways.

Rummaging in archives

Would you like to spend a few days for us at the exciting Imperial War Museum in London? Or in Paris, Moscow, Berlin, Washington D.C.? If you live near to one of these places, or would like to take a trip, and have the right language skills, get in touch: via the contact form or by email

Communicating with people

Are you good at listening to people’s stories? There are friends and relatives to phone and write to. It doesn’t matter where you are. Just tell us what languages you are comfortable with.

Translating stories

And once we have the stories, we need them in other languages. We mostly use English, French, German and Russian, but depending on exhibition venues we need other languages to. Ask via the contact form or by email

Exploring the equipment

We have accumulated some fascinating pieces of old kit. The technology has improved in leaps and bounds, and it played a key role in making a new profession possible. Here too, we have some leads to follow up. If you are curious about the inventions, let us know.

Donating money

We are a handful of dedicated volunteers, but there are so many things we cannot afford to do ourselves. We know – because we are told again and again – that a lot of people believe this is a worthwhile venture, a human story that makes history real. Help us to tell it!
Mostly, we need funds to sponsor researchers and cover travel expenses. You can donate online here and you will receive a donation receipt for your tax accounts.

The story continues – sadly

It doesn’t stop at Nuremberg. War crimes continue and so do the tribunals. So often, interpreters are recruited from traumatized communities to provide untried languages.
Already we have a group in West Africa collecting the moving and motivating stories of interpreters at the Special Court for Sierra Leone.

Would you like to help? Get in touch.

We appreciate any help you can provide. Please send us an e-mail to and let us know how you would like to contribute and which city you're in.